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Re: My F78 again.

Can anyone please confirm that the back door should open with the central locking.

If it is supposed to then mine doesn't work! :cry:

Any ideas/advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



If its an early Sporty ... 'no' the central locking does not include the big back door.

Central Locking

Thanks for the reply Mace, it's a late '94 on an M plate. Does that mean that it does operate the rear door on a later model? Sad Is it possible to include with the front doors on mine?

Central Locking

I have a 1999 F78 and the the rear door does not work with the central locking.

rear door locking

'90 F75, and the central locking do'es not work the back door, have always used the console switch

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

F78 1995 n plate

My central locking does not work the rear door, although i`m about to fit a keyless entry kit which will operate the rear door seperatly.

keyless entry

hi what keyles entry kit are u fitting as i would be interested in doing the same?


keyless entry

I`ve just investigated it today, and the kit i have will not work because it electronically operates the motors, this won`t work with the fourtrak because the drivers door is operated mechanically with the key. But i`ve just bought a universal central locking kit off ebay for £25. This kit includes 4 solenoids, although should only need 2, one for the drivers door, and one for the rear door. The passenger door should still be operated by the drivers door.
If all goes well should have keyless entry that opens all 3 doors!