Removing YRV Stereo



I have a YRV (03) and am looking to add my Parrot Car kit into it.

I have taken the plastic surround off from the stereo, and tried to use a variety of tools to release the stereo from the cage, but it's not anywhere near budging.

Does anyone know if they are bolted at the back in anyway. If they aren't I'll carry on tugging on it - if someone can confirm that it is bolted, then I'll come at it from the back (somehow)

The Stereo is a Clarian CD head unit - I think it was factory fitted.


The head unit is bolted in.

The head unit is bolted in.

I had my head unit taken out for a repair and the car audio store could not get the unit out with release keys.

They took the head unit out in a couple of minutes but the work shop was at the back of the shop so I could not see how they removed it.


Done it.

Pull the ashtray out and yank the center black plastic bit hard.

Couldn't figure out how to pop it out from the top, best pull it from the bottom.

All goes back fine.

YRV Stereo Out

I've just done this on my wife's YRV - you need to remove the entire black plastic garnish that covers the stereo, from just below the dash vents to below the ashtray. Get your fingernails into where it joins the dash and pull it straight out - be careful of the lead to the cigarette lighter.

You'll then see that there are 4 screws retaining a cage containing the stereo and the pocket below it - remove these screws and pull the stereo straight out - you'll need a screwdriver to remove the cage sides from the stereo.


Is this the only way?

Hi Artie,

Is this the only way to get at it?

I just had a look and I can't get my fingernails behind it - maybe a screwdriver would do it - but seems extreme to just release the stereo.

I'm just worried that it won't go back properly, or I snap something when I atempt to remove it and are then unable to replace it - does it just clip in and out?