Sportrak Insrument Fuses


My 1990 Sportrak is fitted with the clock, clino, and volt meter assembly, but only the volt meter works. Does anyone know where the fuses are for the clock and clino please? All items are wired, but no power is reaching the clock or clino. Thanks.

clock fuse

hi on my 92 sportrac the fuse for the clock is to right of
the steering column in a square fuse box next a larger one
on mine the fuse is labled"dome" Unknw
hope this helps

clock fuse

Thanks Bing, but found and checked that one, and it's ok. The strange thing is, that when the vehicle lights are on, only the volt meter is lit. Maybe there is a connector block undone somewhere? - wish I had a good wiring diagram for this thing!!!!....Mike.


There are two in-line fuse connectors with fitted fuses, alongside the main battery. Take a look and see if you Sporty has the fuses.