Daihatsu Sirion maintenance manual


Hi All,
Could someone please tell me where i can get a manual for the Daihatsu Sirion.
Im living in Ireland and cannot find one.

Kindest Regards

And me!

And me!

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Diahatsu Sirion 1998 Cold Start Problem

I have a 1998 Sirion that will not start in the morning when the temperature is below 5 degrees C. Problem is not electrical as a couple of ml of petrol into the manifold and the engine starts. Once started it runs fine.

Does anyone know the answer to the problem??

Sirion Manual. Which?

Do you mean a workshop Manual?
If you do you can order a Workshop Manual on CD from any Daihatsu Dealer for your vehicle. Not cheap (£29) But worth every penny.
It's a little complicated to use but once you get used to it everything you need is on it.

Cheers, BobF.

ps There are some CD's on this web site - but not the Sirion.
(Not yet anyway)

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