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I bought my first Fourtrak (L reg) in September last year as a towing vehicle after much recommendation and am very pleased with it. Even more pleased today as it passed its MOT! However to get to the point, advisory issues were that the rear bushels were soft and brake pipes corroded (excuse any spelling / terminology mistakes, I'm still learning!) My question is therefore, are these expensive things to fix and how difficult jobs are they? The bushel thing actually means nothing to me! I am trying to learn a bit about the vehicle so I can do basic stuff myself so any advice is much appreciated!

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the brake pipe issue will be the steel pipes on the rear brakes appear to be corroded could just be surface rust, wire brush them and paint them in hammerite or underseal if they are really bad they will need to be replaced,the pipe can be bought but will need to be shaped ect best left to garage,rear bushes im taking that to be could well be the bushes in the shock absorber eyes Unknw if it is leaf sprung could be a spring bush..this you can do for very little money call milner off road on 01629734411

By way of explaination. The b

By way of explaination. The bushes are the rubber bits in the suspension. The shock absorbers have them top and bottom. The leaf springs, if you have them, also have bushes inside the round eyes at either end. They are there to basically stop metal to metal contact. Obviously, with time, they tend to wear out. Replacements come in rubber, or urethane. They are easily replaced by someone with a bit of mechanical knowledge.


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Corroded brake pipes should r

Corroded brake pipes should really be changed, if it's only an "advice" rather than a fail you can give them a clean up as a short term fix. Get a garage to fit corrosion resisting ones when you get time, it really won't cost that much and good brakes are a real boon when you are trying to bring your 'Trak to a halt !.

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