I've, very recently, had a late night visit from those chaps that screwdriver in your door lock and take, without asking, your loverly 3 month old cd head unit.

I'm about to have the lock stuck back in again (£140!!), but everyone is telling me it'll be a bind to get replacement nice grey line stickers (the ones that run horizontally along the door).

My local dealer told me that to get stock is pretty much impossible (it's a J Reg Sporty).

Does anyone know of a supplier of sticky grey lines, so that when the lock is replaced/refitted I can forget I was ever visited by unpleasantness?

Those grey lines were a UK on

Those grey lines were a UK only spec, and were actually added by the importers along with Sportrak legends - and not a factory fitment. FWIW I'd try signwriters - they'd match it easy enough with either a custom made sticker or paint.

(I'm still looking for a '16 valve' logo for the O/S front B post!)

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty