Decided today after 30 miles into the ownership of a fourtrak and a busted transfer box to break it.
1991 H reg 2.8 non turbo F70SWB.
NO rust, no dents, new rear leaf springs (31 miles) including to the garage for an mot.
Good engine 67000 miles.
Anybody interested let me know.

sure its not 167000 miles? If

sure its not 167000 miles? If the transfer box has blow and the age?

what do you want for the leaf springs? did the bushes get changed at the same time?
have the front cv joints ever been changed? would be interested in at least one of them, dont really matter which side, as i will chop off the shaft.
could do with quite a few bits and bobs, where in the country are you? send me a private message if pos,

many thanks!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!