Avanzato R*** MKO in Wakefield


Was it anyone here?!

Silver early import Avanzato, can't remember the number of reg but rest was R*** MKO but if it's the right number it's the one an Autocar staff member used for ages.

Had white Challenge alloys on the front and regular at the back and the bottom lights in the bumper, I was the one in the Mira Classic this evening near the retail park.

Hello! Biggrin

Give us the number, if it's the right car I've got lots of old pics and articles about it. Smile

my car

it's my car r766 mko
wait to here from you.

Hello there, I knew it!! Y

Hello there,

I knew it!! Your car was Autocar's long term test car and a bit famous.

One pic here -

I've got all kinds of articles with your car on! If you're interested I can put the lot up.

On a side note if you're after some parts I've got a few spares in my garage, shout up if you need anything in particular, these are my own spares but I don't require all of them at this time. Might have something you're after.

Also if you've got any parts you don't want, I might be after them, so let me know. Particularly if you've got a full set of the Challenge alloys you don't want (the white 6 spoke ones) Ta! Smile

r766 mko avanzato

I would like you to post more information on my vehicle,also i would be interested in a mira front bumber if anyone you know has one.

You mean this kind of bumper?

You mean this kind of bumper?

Don't know - I actually think you can get these directly from Daihatsu, I think the very last batch of the Avanzatos were brought across left as Mira with the foglights etc. Only a rumour though! I've got a regular bumper like the kind you already have if your existing bumper needs replacing though. I drive past where you park on the way to work so if you need any bits I can drop them off for you. I can also give you a hand getting hold of bits from Japan should you fancy any!

As for your car, here is what I have - there's more articles out there but I don't have them as of yet.


my avanzato

first of all thanks for the article on my car.
secondly would like to know more about mods for my car, has the hks valve increased speed and bhp on your vehicle?
considering a new exhaust also!
thanks nigel.

The BOV, I would say has very

The BOV, I would say has very slightly increased the response of the turbo between gears, but these generally don't increase power, they're more to extend the life of the turbo and give it a bit better response (which between gears I feel it has done). With the Mira you're on and off the boost loads so probably a good idea! With my EF-RL engine you're restricted a little to off the shelf BOVs (HKS, Pusyun-R, not a lot else unless you make your own piping) but there's more available for your JB-JL (HKS, Pusyun-R, Apexi, Blitz).

The filter seems to have made more of a difference to the power but it is held back by the weakest points of the car, the standard exhaust and downpipe are pretty awful! So the filter can't operate to its full efficiency. A Classic owner with an aftermarket exhaust and filter changed his filter back to the stock one and felt a big power drop. I've no true figures on my car as I've not taken it on the dyno, I think I might do once I get round to changing the exhaust though.

There's no clear figures but changing the exhaust and downpipe should result in about a 15bhp gain - doesn't sound like much for a car in general but that's a huge increase over the stock power! From there I suppose it would move onto increasing the boost, with all the associated issues, increased fuelling etc. I see a lot in Japan have changed their intercooler for a larger item. There's also race spec pistons and such available from Japan. More research needs to be done I think. Smile

This is how I stand at the moment though, note that the Classic doesn't come with the strut brace like yours so the engine bay doesn't look finished yet. But one is to be fitted very shortly! Then the suspension needs sorting as the Classic sits a load higher than the TRXX models as you can see.

As for a meet, certainly!! We'll have to see who we can get together for it, it's not like a lot of car parking space would be required though!


can you help,had a crash in the bad weather and seem to have trashed the front passenger wheel bearing. do you know where i can get one for my avanzato a.s.a.p
with thanks.

Nigel, Talk to Cross Keys


Talk to Cross Keys Daihatsu Garage in Morley - I've bought wheel bearings there. It's very short drive away. The man you want to talk to is Alistair on 01132 537402. They cost £47.07 + VAT a side, you get front and backs in one set. They're fast to order in as well, great service. Will have you sorted in no time. Make sure you emphasize it's for the Cuore Avanzato L512S but I think the bearings are the same on all that series of Cuore. They got ones for my mate's Classic in no time.

By the way the sport radiator and oil caps, they're from D-Sport Japan, an official Daihatsu tuning company. Don't serve much purpose other than to dress it up a bit but they do their job there.

Oh as well, I've just bought an Avanzato myself the other day, it's very similar to yours. Not on the road for a bit yet, will probably use it as my weekend car when it's ready. I might need a look in your engine bay when you get yours back on the road because there's a bit of hose I need, want to see what it looks like stock.