Standard Wheels and Tyres Wanted


for a 1987 Fourtrak. Ive also got 3 very good wide wheels and tyres which i dont want,so could poss exchange etc. Cheers.....Dave

wheels you were after

i have a set of 4 steels (slightly more dished than standard) with Dunlop grandtrek tyres on (about 20-30% tread left) if you are still looking for some??



Have a look at this page, in

Have a look at this page, in the next 3 days: And I'm still interested in the wide wheels you've got. I don't remember where you're based though. Is that why we never sorted anything out B4?

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was this reply to me?? if you are interested in the wheels i've got, give me a shout on 07900-365757. I have a friend on Anglesey so we could maybe meet up over there if we can do a deal??
I also have a set of 4 alloys 4sale, no tyres,


I've got four steel wheels of

I've got four steel wheels off a fourtrak, the tyres have had it though, if somebody wants to pick them up they can have them for £20.
Frank. (Pontefract, West Yorkshire).