Saw a YRV today in yellow with 130 in black along the side. It was in a sleepy seaside Sussex town. Was going to speak to the driver but she did not look like a keen Diahatsu type. Why are there not more around, only seen a couple in the last year !

There are not many YRV 130 Tu

There are not many YRV 130 Turbos at all in the UK and hardly any one knows what it is or anything about its performance.

This is exactly what appeals to me about the YRV Turbo and really think there should be a UK based YRV club or register so owners can share info.

I agree, I have only seen 1 i

I agree, I have only seen 1 in my year and a bit of ownership. We deffo need a register or something for them Smile

53reg Black YRV Turbo 130

YRV Turbo

I have a yellow YRV Turbo in Kent. A brilliant car. Ex motor show car with the only leather seats I know about.
I have seen 1 other locally, but only once.
If you see me, mine has a private plate ending in YRV.

I sat in "your" car on the Da

I sat in "your" car on the Daihatsu stand at the 2004 motor show.
Thats when I decided I wanted one.

Thats not me in the drivers seat!

I have seen a "Lux" model YRV with leather seats but I bet yours is the only turbo model with Leather seat.

Does your YRV also have leather door inserts?


Thank you very much for the picture! Not seen it before.
Yes the inserts are leather too.
And those horrible side decals have gone!!
And it is nowhere near as clean and shiny now!
Still love it to bits too.

I took the picture, thought y

I took the picture, thought you might appreciate it.

The original picture is 2080 x 1544, if you want the original, I can email it to you if you want it.


Yes please that would be very good of you.


Looks like the guy in the car is trying to steal the radio, his mate in denim is keeping watch!!!!
Seriously, it looks great, some top photography also.

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