Off Road Driving in Scotland


Does anyone with a 4x4 in or around Glasgow / Lanarkshire fancy some off road driving and serious mud plugging? Have located a fantastic low cost off road site but need to get a few vehicles together for a group event:) SmileSmile

The main reason for this is if any vehicles get stuck we have the ability to assist each other to keep the party going!

Hope to hear from all soon. Mark.;) WinkWink

I'm from Midlothian, but woul

I'm from Midlothian, but would be interested in any offroading not TOO far away! Wink

*** '96 Fourtrak Forester ***

I live in Glasgow and would l

I live in Glasgow and would love to do some offroading...where is the site you have found Unknw

there is quite a good site in

there is quite a good site in Fife, Glentarkie. my folks got me a voucher for my 30th. yearly membership costs £150 website hasn't been updated for a while though

it'd be good to get out and about with some scottish daihatsu owners, maybe we can sort out some offroading and have a meet somewhere? i'm pretty new to 4x4's only had mine 6 months so open to suggestions Smile

*** '96 Fourtrak Forester ***

Are we getting the typical ea

Are we getting the typical east/west divide here?!
I'm in East Lothian. Would be interested in some off roading. Could maybe stretch to Glasgow on occasion, but closer would be better Wink
Keep us posted.

Though I live in the west I w

Though I live in the west I would have no objections to coming through the the east coast at all....its just that my offroader is desperately slow on the open road..talking 50mph max here Sad

I know what your datsu can go faster than that...its just that I offroad in my 'mindy'.....whats a bloody mindy I here you ya go...its my Mahindra Jeep...fantastic offroad..

off road

count me in on eney thing muddy iam in dunfermline.


HI to all in Scotland ,,,,,,,,,,,,Im up for a meet ,,,,,,,,,,,what about the new place up in Aberdeenshire ,,,,,,,,,,,,Nor-trak

We could make it a weekender..........camping ect ,,,,,,,,instead of the east/west ...........lets go north


i ll be up for that when are you think of doing it this week if you let me know and ill get more people to come along

Nortrak offroad meet

I will get up there sometime on Sunday late morning anybody else going up we could do a recce for a bigger meet/week-end .....the people I have spoken to say its a good site ...and they give a discount to forums\/clubs if you see a modded red fourtrak come and introduce yourself.......

Nortrak Sunday 7th

the site is on the A92 ....easy to turn off the A90..and its 1 mile south of a place called Inverbervie.....Direction map on there web site opens at 10am til 5pm and costs £26.00 I soke to staff and we will get a 10%discount ...sounds good to me ..


Well a bit late in my review but got in the way .............only one other fourtrak there.....but what a day ...some great terrain .really tested me.......but I did go on a couple of the challenging routes!!!!!!!lots of other 4x4s...very friendly and had a great laugh .....especially watching disco 3 in the "lightbulb".....ten out of ten to the owner Steve........made to feel very welcome ...he sat in with me for my first drive around the 6o acre site advice ...and having a laugh ..and the kids got some freebies I will be back soon .it was well organised and very family orintated.. I had a great day and will be back up there soon .....once I sort out the rezizer I will put up some picts,,

Are we going to get together

Are we going to get together for a blast in the mud or not ???

Come on you fellow Scottish offroaders, lets get something together and go mad in the mud...

*** '96 Fourtrak Forester ***

*** '96 Fourtrak Forester ***

26th Dec and 2nd Jan Nor-trak..whos game

well it has been all talk and no play on this site ...I tried to set up something at my local site earlier..but no show ........come on ...just do it..other web sites seem to meet up ,,,,,,,,,,,so last chance

Nortrak is open onthe 26th dec boxing day and the 2nd of january....Opens at 10am -4pm I will be there both days as work shuts down for the holidays if you can make it ...I will see you there .....but lets get something going in Scotland ...we can set up other days at other off-road sites later ......but lets make contact first ......

check out...

Events forum

Visit for events happening in Scotland. We go to Drumclog in Strathaven quite often for fun in the mud. Going to be arranging days at Glentarkie and Argyll Forest in the future if anyones interested. Wink

Jimny Puller.

up for it

hi all,im up for the 2nd of jan. il b there. white 96 sporty,jacked up, that'l b me. hope to see you all there.

off roading in Avimore

Hi i am new to the area and i am very interested in the 4x4 track on Rothiemurchus estate can anyone give me some more details on it please


nor-trak sownds good i am up for that

off road driving


Yes, i would definately be interested in the off road driving but, are Toyotas welcome too?

Where and when?