Sportrak diff oil leak



I'm new to Sportrak ownership and it seems I've got a diff oil problem. Diff oil has been sprayed up onto the underside of the body above the diff. There's a lot of it. The diff seals themselves seem OK (the input and rear seals seem to be doing the job) and I don't get any leakage when the car is stationery.

Any ideas on what can be causing this? All suggestions welcomed - thanks

Is it diff oil? or grease. So

Is it diff oil? or grease. Someone may have got a bit overenthusiastic with the grease gun when lubing the universal joints.


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it could be prop shaft grease

it could be prop shaft grease!
i thought i had an oil leak on my rear diff, the underside of the truck was covered in thin oil staines, kept checking the oil level in in the diff and it was not going down, turned out to be a diesel return pipe leak, once the tank got pressurised it would spray out all under the car!

sportys are petrol aint they?
have you regularly checked the oil level in the diff and transfer and gear box?

you sure someone has not sprayed the underside with duck oil? what colour is the oil?

i good way to tell if its defo diff oil is the smell! gearbox oil has a distingtive strong smell, different from most other types of oil!

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Thanks Jon....good suggestion

Thanks Jon....good suggestion. I'll check out the prop shaft. It is a thin oil right above the diff itself (hence why I thought it was diff oil) but will re-check. I've topped up the diff so will keep an eye on levels...thanks again DaveP

Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestions. I've now topped up the diff and keep my eye on it. The oil is definetly a thin oil (which I suspected was diff oil) and the patch where it is covers right above the diff itself. I'll keep my eye on levels and also check out the prop shaft...

thanks all