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Hello all, my first contribution to this great site.wondered if anyone is interested in my fourtracking to date. bought an 87 f70 six months ago mainly to launch and recover my 16ft boat after a nasty moment on a slipway in my wifes nearly new non 4wd car! now banned from taking it any where near water.looked at alot of 4wd at the time even a couple of land rovers but decided that a fourtrack was the one to get as it was the right size and of basic construction,no on board computers or tricky black boxes. drove it staight home,changed all the oils and did the cam belt,faily easy if you take out the grill and rad.and use an air wrench on the crankshaft nut. two months ago decided i would try it on diesel/veg oil mix.started off with a 20/80 mix with no problems and have now done 1000 miles on 40/60 mix.not had any starting or running problems at all and have not modified the engine in any way.from the start the engine seemed smoother and less noisy also a bit more powerfull but that may just be wishfull thinking! my engine is 2.8 non turbo type so i cannot comment on turbo types.have now gone back to straight diesel as the weather is cooling down and may cause starting problems.when i get time i will fit a twin tank heated system to run on straight veg oil and let you know how i get on.incidentally it is perfectly legal to do this as long as you either pay the duty on the oil or do all of your driving off road.has anyone else gone the alternative fuel route?