Sportrak Fusing


I am being stupid but are there any other fuses in a sportrak ELXi other than the following:
1-fuse link on the battery
2-the two set below and to the right of the steering

The reason I ask is that after somebody jump stated my car but made the mistake of connecting the jump leads on the wrong way I am trying to get it working again. I have not got and power at the fuse blocks within the car, but the fuses by the battery are Ok. I have 12V at the starter and can start the car if I connect the 30A mechanical power fuse.

I have a CD copy of the service manual and it implies that the battery connects directly to the alternator however I do not 12V there.

Any thought would be helpful



Your answer.

Fuses/blocks as mentioned ... 1x2 fuse links at battery & 2 blocks adjacent the peddle. [The 30amp fuse at the battery powers the injectors.]
Alternator [HD-E & HD-C engine] is protected by a fuseable link ...F/L 1.0
The F/L 1.0 fusable link is by the battery and protects the [peddle] fuse block powering lights, heater, locks, ignition key.

So I suggest you look again at F/L 1.0 fuse link. Use a circuit test to check if power passes the F/L link. Perhaps the connection is faulty. Then circuit test along the cable from the F/L link to the fuse [dome lock .. sub-fuse block ] block by the foot peddle.