Sportrak diff locks


does anybody know if it possible to fit diff locks to a sportrak? or maybe an LSD? also where could i get a lift kit and snorkal? and one more thing, how easy is it to change the body shell on a sportrak? thanks for looking.

There is not many diff locks/

There is not many diff locks/if any, available for the Sporty...

Some models I believe came stock with LSD in the rear.

You could lift it with raising the tosion bars and buying new lifted rear leaves. This provides about 50mm lift.
Body lifts are pretty much a custom job.

Snorkel will have to be fabricated from tube - Exhaust shops can help you bend one into shape, or you can buy straight sections and some silicone/rubber elbows and make it up yourself. There is lots of stuff on the net and

Changing a body shell isnt even spoke of.. so I wouldn't worry.

What are you planning on doing with your 4x4? Smile

thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tips. was wondering about the body change because the inner arches on the rear have just about disintigrated so if there is a way of repairing these easily would like to know. which years come with the LSD? as for what i use it for daily driver and hardcore off roader got it stuck up to the side steps one day. got a 4x4 manitou to tow it out, that got stuck to. BiggrinBiggrinLol

A straight body swap is actua

A straight body swap is actually pretty easy to do. I did it a number of years ago on my Rocky/Fourtrak. Basdically needed to keep it on the road as much as possible, so stripped it of as much as I could, but still kept it legal, then had new body suspended under house, parked existing car beside it, lifted old body up, rolled chassis from under it, then over under the new one, took the opportunity to do a body lift at the same time. It took me about 3 days to do, to get it back mobile again, and about another week to do the odds and sods.
As for the diff locks, AFAIK no one makes off the shelf diff locks for the Sportrak/Feroza. Some people have done HiLux axle swaps which opens up opportunities. TracTech in the USA used to make Detriot Lockers for the F series Fourtraks/Rockys, but they ceased production about 5 years ago. I am sure that some later Rockys cam with LSD's, so I would assume there were some also in Feroza's.


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