Seat Belts Fourtrack


Hello, this is my first attempt, so hope I'm on the right menu etc. Need some help/advice please. Ive just brought an N reg Fourtrack TDX Forester, for family and country pursuits. Its got 2 small fold-down seats in the back, which will be great for my small grandsosn but does anyone know where I can get suitable seat belts for these seats, lap straps would do? Many thanks, Clipper.

i am intending to use the lap

i am intending to use the lap belt from the middle rear of a fiesta cos i happen to have one rusting away in the garden, but any scrapyard will have a vast selection.

lap straps

Richard, Thanks for the idea, I will have a look. Are you intending drilling holes in the body-work, or how will you attach them? Cheers, Bill