Clicking noise.... Fourtrak diesel


Can anybody help with this Unknw

When i start up from cold i get a 'click' noise every few seconds.... Accompanied by brightning/dimming of the headlights ???? The noise sounds like it could be associated with the heat plugs, but i would have thought this was overridden as soon as the engine is running.....

Has anybody else experienced this Unknw Any help greatly appreciated.... Rob.

It is the glow plug relay cli

It is the glow plug relay clicking in and out. Fortraks use their heater plugs to help bring the engine up to running temp. quicker. This helps prevent lumpy start up (and extra dammage) on cold starting.

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That expains it then.... Than

That expains it then.... Thank you for your help. Rob.

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Heater relay clicking

Hi Rob,

the heater relay will click on and off for a few seconds after start up to aid the cold idle. Diesel engines work by compressing the air in the cylinder ( which heats as it becomes squashed into a small area), the diesel is the injected which combusts when it hits the hot compessed air and explodes the piston back down the bore. On cold start the cylinder walls soak the heat away from the compressed air and the diesel doesn't ignite. The heater plugs pre-heat the cylinder to help the engine start, then keep cutting in and out until the engine is sufficently hot to run un-aided.