Engaging 4WD


I'm new to 4wds and would welcome confirmation of something I spotted somewhere on the forum. It said that before 4wd can be engaged you have to lock the front hubs (unless it has an automatic facility). I have a 1986 F80 which certainly has the lock/unlock lever on the front hubs. I assume therefore that I do not have any automatic 4wd. I take it then that unless I turn the lock on shifting the little lever in the cab does absolutely nothing. Can someone confirm,


If you didn't switch the lever on the front hubs to lock and shift the lever in the cab you would still go into 4WD however your hubs wouldn't be locked which is a bad thing and could cause damage. Best thing to do is if you think you may need to use 4WD is to switch the hubs to lock before you set off so you can just switch straight into 4WD without getting out. But remember to switch them to unlock after and not to drive around all the time with them locked because would be expensive on fuel, tyres, and would burn the hubs out.

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Thanks for info.

Nat and LuRCH thanks for that help. I do appreciate the information. Hope some day I may be able to advise others similarly on these vehicles but it'll be a while yet!!!

Engaging 4wd

If you move the lever in the cab but dont lock the hubs then no, you wont be in 4wd. By moving the lever you are basically making the gearbox/transfer box put drive/power to the front axle as well as back axle, so both axles would be turning. However, if the hubs are unlocked/disengaged, then the front axle is spinning round but its not turning the front wheels.

So by locking the hubs your 'linking up' the front wheels to the axle, and then by moving the transfer lever inside your 'linking up' the gearbox to the front axle, and hey presto, 4wd!!

Hope that makes sense and is of some help!