Battery Died


Hi there, i went for the first proper drive in the Sportrak yesterday, drove about 40 miles and stopped off..... and then drove another 40 miles back home, got to my friends house to drop her off, turned it off, and it wouldnt re-start ???
Volt meter was over half way, lights were working, but it wouldnt turn over, just try to start, Anyways got it bump started, drove to my friends house to drop him off, tried the wipers... Very slow, got to my house, turned it off, tried to start, and nothing.Alternator belt seems to be fine, connections to the battery seem to be ok... I swapped the battery over and it starts first time again, also the inside light isnt working anymore?? where is the fuse located for this ??

Any ideas ???


1. In-line fuses by the battery.
2. Behind drivers foot peddle. Two fuse boxes - lights probably in labelled 'dome' fuse box.. Take care removing the fuses .. use the tool kept in the fuse box.
3. Sounds like you had a dying battery.

Hi there pal, its an 89' Spor

Hi there pal, its an 89' Sportrak, i cant seem to find the In-line fuse by that battery, i had a look at another post, and it said about that, so i searched in the engine bay, couldnt find it, maybe you could enlighten me on its location....I hope its the battery, dont want to be shelling out for an alternator

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In-line are beside the 12V battery. Look between the battery and the car body. Fuses are within a case fitted into the wire loom. There are cables taped together and an in-line fuse, clearly visible, wired into each.

Cant find that mate, but ther

Cant find that mate, but there is something that looks like a fuse in the cabin, by the other fuse box, its silver with 4 pins Unknw could that be it ???


2 Times Mag Featured Xr2 1.6 8v,
Daihatsu Sportrak 1.6 16v

Silver pins ??

Silver with 4 pins ........ no idea.
The only fuse are ...
black fuse box by battery.
A fusable link on the positive cable on the battery.
Two fuse boxes behind the drivers foot peddle.
Fuse circuit [HD-E engine] ::::
F/L 0.3 ... Fan
Head40A ...Horn, Headlamps
EF30A ..... injectors
also supplies... 2 other 15amp fuses
F/L 1.0 .... alternator, ignition, front door locks,starter motor
also supplies... 10amp fuse for stop-lamps and tail lamps
also supplies... Dome-Lock 15amp back door lock, internal lights
also supplies... 30amp heater

The cable from the battery passing under the manifold goes to the alternator.
In-line fuses [earlier posts] adjacent the battery on your vehicle might not exist.
Your battery needs testing - might need replacing. If the battery is OK suspect the alternator is failing.

How olds the battery? 3-5

How olds the battery?

3-5 years is the life expectancy as a general rule of thumb!

Put some jump leads on - does the volt meter increase once started? If so alternater probably ok. Treat the old girl to a new battery!