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Hi guys

Had a problem with one of my auto hubs making a lot of noise, clunking and whirring. Stripped the hub and rebuit it and all was fine for a few weeks. There is now a nippy sort of tinkling sound coming from the hub. Have read somewhere here that the auto locking hubs have a tendancy to fall this true?...and how hard is it to convert to manual hubs and is this worth doing or stick with getting some new auto jobbies?

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A mate of mine had the same problem with his sporty last year. He was told it was because he had been driving round for miles on the hubs locked. He had not realised about the reversing to disconnect. He had his replaced with manuals. Its wasnt too difficult and relatively cheap.

Auto-Lock to Manual Hubs

Hi Gillie,

To fit Manual Lock hubs you need to change the wheel hubs (the bit with the wheel bearings inside and the brake disc bolts to) as the Auto-Lock have 6 bolt fixing and the Manual Lock have 5 bolts

No you don't ....

Milners now do manual locking hubs for 6 stud wheels as fitted to indepedents. They cost about £70 apiece.

cheers guys. I take it is ju

cheers guys. I take it is just a case of bolting the manual jobbies on and hey presto? what about the vacuum which is meant to lock/unlock the hubs just now, will that just become redundant or will it have to be disconnected? and will it just be a case of pressing the 4wd button with the manual hubs locked to achive 4wd/Hi?

Thanks for advice, i'm new to 4x4's and trying to get my head around this stuff!

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Yes, it's a quick bolt-on.

The manual hubs from Milners have instructions in the box. There may be a circlip to remove from the drive shaft, but this is explained.

Vacuum feed to auto hubs ..... first thing I knew about it ????? So far as I know, auto hubs engage when torque is applied from the front diff via a sprag clutch type of mechanism.

The only problems I had when fitting Milner's manual hubs was that the Japs use some fearsome bonding compound between the auto hubs and the wheel hub. Not knowing what I was forcing for the first time I did the job, I was un-necessarily careful. Now I know it's a simple gasket, I would advocate the gentle attention of a 3 pound lump hammer to the joint if it proves difficult.

thanks rf man! i wasn't aware

thanks rf man! i wasn't aware of how the hubs actually engaged and just read about people talking about vacuum pipes etc and must have picked it up wrong...geez, what a spanner!

Think i'll get on to milners and order some next payday. Heres hoping it all goes smoothly. thanks for your help. Smile

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