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has anyone changed a rear section and silencer box on an f78 1994 independant and if so-how difficult was it? do you need an inspection pit/4 post lift to get over rear axle.have been quoted £140 from local tyre spot- when they actually found the correct parts which wernt listed in their exhaust books


i replaced my f78's exhaust last year,i also was quoted some extreme amount plus because it was so difficult i had to add another £50 so after politely telling them where to go i ordered a whole system from milners and fitted it myself.i have no pit or high ramps but i managed to fit the rear half ok although it took alot of patience and alot of swearing.i did just about give up and said it was impossible but persevered.it is possible but i think a pit or high ramps would make it a lot easier.felt better in the long run with my new exhaust for a fraction of the quoted price.alot of twisting and trying different positions but i do know it went in a different way than it came out.happy fitting bill

f78 exhaust

thanks for the info chalky.........bill

memory back

as ive just remembered the rear wasnt too bad to fit apart from difficulty fitting the rubber mounts of and back on,ten times easier with new rubbers but prob very hard to find,i ended up spraying a little wd40 on the inside of them and they were no prob after that.what i remembered today was it was the front pipe that needed the pit it took me ages to work out how to get it fitted but managed but it would have been a 5min job with a pit.hope this helps, must be old age affecting the brain bill


Yes your quite right Chalky using a pit would have made the job a lot easier I replaced the back section of the exhaust system on my own Independent myself & in record time being in the trade always helps sourcing parts cheaper than Joe Public but before phoning the 4x4 parts specialist dealers always try your local parts motor factor first as we did.You will save a fortune on cost & the dreaded carriage regards Paul AKA Stan

price of exhaust

your proberly correct paul but when i contacted our local parts motor factor he was £40 above milners including delivery and vat plus i got it delivered in 2 days compared to having to wait a week but i'm rather rural with only 1 company near (20mls)away so delivered to the door suits me but that will not suit all as you say its worth phoning around. bill

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Hi Bill, looks like all Motor Factors don't give the same level of service as they should price wise hence "ring round for the best quote" Like you Bill we also live in the middle of the sticks, our Parts Factor was £24.70p cheaper than Milners 4x4 best quote & it was also delivered free but then again we do a lot of trade with them for our garage business.Glad you got it sorted in the end happy Fourtraking kind regards Paul

I found you had to jack the b

I found you had to jack the body up, so the rear axle droped as far as it would go. Then the job became a LOT easier.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Rear axle

Cut throught the old exhaust and remove it from each side of the rear axle. Previous poster is correct in jacking the vehicle leaving the rear wheels hanging loose. Jack the bodywork [the central plate behind rear bumper] and not the axle/wheels/suspension. The back axle/wheels will fall lower so the new exhaust passes between the bodywork and the rear axle. If vehicle is not jacked-up the task is impossible.
An inspection pit makes the job more accessible and SAFER!