lpg injection to diesel engines gives 60% more power


has anyone got any experience of doing this - here some stuff off the website www.wtv-uk.co.uk they claim up to 60% more power, more economy, cleaner and all fitted for a grand!

No engine timing or mixture adjustments required to your vehicle or the MFS system, No engine water pipes to be cut, emulators, lambda controls or Ecu fixes to fit, The MFS system is very small & does not use a vaporizer or reducer gas from the lpg tank is fed directly into the MFS unit making the installation easy with only a few easy to connect wires and copper fuel pipes to fit. Once fitted the system will cause No - Zero restriction on the engine unlike other systems that restrict the air intake decreasing the engine performance.

Unlike other dual fuel systems the MFS system injects only a very small amount of LPG gas fuel directly in to the engines intake manifold, lpg gas is mixed with the existing diesel fuel & air to increase the combustion of the diesel fuel, Normally un-burnt diesel fuel is expelled through the exhaust system not only is this polluting our environment but is directly costing us in unused fuel, on average 30% of the diesel fuel is wasted through poor combustion.

With the MFS system running the un-burnt diesel fuel is now used to power the engine this can increases the vehicles fuel economy by 20 to 60% using fuel that is normally wasted plus giving a noticeable increase in lower rpm performance, most importantly the MFS system greatly reduces harmful exhaust emissions

MFS Diesel Systems

Reduces Diesel Fuel Consumption by 20 to 60%
Increases Engine performance at low Rpm
Causes Zero restriction to the engine
Reduces Black smoke, Harmful emissions, Hydrocarbons, NOx, etc.
Reduces Engine noise, Oil temperatures, Carbon deposits
Increases Engine life