Sporty steering


Help, when it's really cold my power steering gets stiff to turn and won't come back to centre on it's own ! when it's slightly warmer out side ( 5 C plus ) it works OK ! I've replaced the pump and pumped all the steering grease nipples with newe grease all to no effect. Any ideas anyone Unknw

The obvious thing to check is

The obvious thing to check is the oil grade. Is it the right one for the job? If it's too thick it will give the symptoms you describe.

sporty steering

OK MATE, i'll try a diferent fluid in on sunday if i can find any as whats in is all the shop had !must admite i did'nt know power steering fluid came in grades as i only ever see one type in our local MDC. THANKS.


Steering gear box fluid. Level must be at 'upper level'.