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Hello all - we've just bought our first Daihatsu, a Rugger 2.8TD (Marine Runner), although we've previously had a selection of Suzuki, Subaru and Toyota 4WDs. A recent Jap import, our Daihatsu is proving to be a very good buy and now we've found this great site which is very informative for us as first-time Daihatsu owners. We bought the Rugger as a replacement vehicle, just stumbling over it by accident at a local garage one day. A few minutes of looking over it and hubby was hooked. Took it for a test drive and so was I. Can see it giving us lots of reliable, happy driving and it's easy to see why people love their Daihatsus so much!




Hi all - I'm a new member and would be grateful of some advice.
I am on my 3rd Fourtrak but I am considering changing it for a Daihatsu Rugger (which is 6 years old but in mint condition especially underneath).
Does anyone have any advise regarding insuring this vehicle as very few import insurers seem to list it and the ones that do are asking more than double the cost of insuring my existing Fourtrak (same age).