How do you get to back of Sportrak dash?


I've now owned a Sportrak for 1 week and already find problems. The first being one of the indicator repeaters on the dash has stopped working. The right-hand repeater arrow on the display has stopped lighting up, but all the indicators on the outside work ok.

I'm guessing it's just a blown bulb, but how do you get to the back of the dashboard to check it?

It's only a little thing but it's driving me mad!



Top of the cowl, 2 screws. Re

Top of the cowl, 2 screws. Remove. You may have to pull the HRW and other switches out before you can remove the clock assy, but it's easy enough. You'll certainly have to pull off the speedo and rev counter cables.

If my experiences of LandRovers V Sportraks is anything to go by, you'll be happy you bought one come MOT time.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Landrover v Sporty

Dave ... I have a Landrover Discovery and a ELi Sporty. Never had either fail a MOT. 80K on Sporty and 70K on Discovery.