Excess Oil Consumption


Sportrak 1996

I have excess oil consumption and what sounds like a sticky tappet when engine is cold. Could this be the reason for the excess consumption? If so what's the best thing to do?


Sticky valves.

Sticky Valve.
Redex fuel additive. Buy form Halfords and mix with the fuel in the fuel tank.
2nd cheaper option --- pour a small amount of clean engine oil direct into the air intake of the carb. You will need to remove the air filter. Have the engine revs quite high before you pour in the oil and keep the engine running until the smoke clears from the exhaust. If the engine stops whilst pouring the oil you might need to remove and clean the spark plug to get it re-started.
Excess Oil
Could be one of many faults.Worn cylinder rings/ worn valve seals/ cylinder head cracked/ a leak ........ etc etc.