fitting bigger / better speakers - how to


i have been asked how to fit bigger speakers,
so instead of lengthy details - thought this may serve better,
i have posted pics visible for the finished item,
but you will need to use the links for the detailed instructions
as they are sized to full screen and will blow out of frame on the forum

for 6"x9" into rear panels i used this method

the finished item should look like this

for the front doors

i used this method,
this can be adapted to be used for seperate speakers
eg:- bass / mid / tweeter
with 3 holes being used to fit each one,

and the finised item should look like this

these methods are used in the majority of installs for big stereo systems,
and can be used for any car or 4x4,

steve - gatecrasha

That sounds easier than I tho

That sounds easier than I thought. I thought you would replace the entire trim panel with MDF, but instead you just use a small fillet slightly bigger than the speaker hole. Great idea!

Thanks mate!

yep - thats alkl it is really

yep - thats all it is really - a fillet of mdf backing the speaker,
or fronting it in the case of the door builds

strengthens the panel - makes it more solid
which in turn greatly helps the mounting capability of the hardboard panle,
and drasticly improves sound quality,

my rear panels were re-made from hard-board proir to me fitting speakers,
but this was only done as the original ones were broke to bits,

hope the drawings and explanation were clear enough for you,
and good luck with the install,

had a friend around today,
and he couldnt believe the sound quality,
specially as theres no sound matting been added to any panels
its a crisp solid thump that threatens to knock your heartbeat outta sync

Good Work

Sounds like and easy enough way to do it fella, nice. The only query's that ive got is getting the rear pannels off to do the install. i tried to un-pop and lift out the panel the other day and found that it wouldnt budge. Also, dont know if this is a problem only I'd have, the head unit is an old clarion number. Its one of those ones that the whole deck comes out when u leave the car. Problem is with the cage that the radio sits in. It looks like its got a screw in the back of it with the head on the other side to the one facing out, on that beam that runs down the middle of the stereo hole (10 out of ten for the most rubbish tecnical description) Does anyone know the best way to remove this because the radio's packed up and the only cassette I can find is an old KLF one!!!! HELP ME!!!! (alternativley, if you have any good misic on tape, all donations will be most welcome)

Take me to the Church of the KLF....

Haha! That's the same stereo i have and with those speakers it is soooo dire... My tape deck chews 'em up, so I won't put any of my old tapes in there, not even my prized KLF album!! They'll be antiques one day...

1170 watts of amp power - and

1170 watts of amp power - and guess who else has an old radio/casette Biggrin yep mine too,

only mines a jvc and came with the 12 disc changer,
dont mock the radio cassettes too much - cause when theyre working - they work well,

i have the cassette adaptor for mine,
and this plugs straight into my mobile,
so i now have radio/casette/mp3 playback,
and once im done messing,
the X-box install will give me music direct from the x-box internal harddrive
gotta be good,

try a screwdriver to gentle prise off the side panel
they do pop on / off
but are sometimes stubborn

dont panic too much as if you damage the panel - ahalf sheet of hard board and 10 mins with a jigsaw makes a brand new one,
even better still your old vinyl cover from the old trim,
can be used to re-cover the new one

it sounds harder than it is

Fitting Bigger Speakers - quick question...

Hi all - new to the Forum - picking up my new (old - J reg) Fourtrak TDI this weekend. I'd already identified that the speakers needed urgently replacing - it was great to find this helpful thread.

I follow the logic in placing the MDF fillet behind the rear ply panel before fitting the new 6x9's.

Why though is the fillet mounted in front of the speakers in the front doors? Why isn't it behind the door panel, like the rear mounting? And why (lastly!) is the fillet tear-drop shaped? I thought the idea was to fit 6" round speakers in the front?

Sorry if I'm being uber-thick...

quote - but what screws do yo

quote - but what screws do you use to adjust the panels?

errm dunno specificly which way the questions directed,

if you mean the screws attaching panel to drivers/passengers doors,
as its seen in the photos - dont panic
as these were already fitted when i brought the 4track,
and do not need to be used to secure the panel when bigger speakers are fitted,

as for all other speaker mounts,
when screwing through the trim panel and into the m.d.f mounting,
use screws that do not protrude,
as per drawing for rear panel

hope this helps