Domino Roof Bars


Can anyone advise me please as I need a pair of roof bars to fit a 1989/90 Domino 5 door and manufacturers do not seem to have heard of this model. Thanks

more about my Domino

Well, Vanpeebles, I have only just bought this 1990 5 door petrol and you can buy them very very cheap. It is very clean inside and out. Trying hard I did find some rot in the spare wheel well and the ends of the sills. All repairable. It is a great little car to drive. That 850 3 cylinder engine is just incredible, where does all the torque come from? The room inside is good for such a small car, especially the rear leg and headroom. Spares seem difficult to find and therefore expensive. 12 inch tyres are always bad news as they never have special offers on that size. I can't get a cheap workshop manual either and need to know about the front suspension arms as I think mine are worn out.

Domino photos

I don't have any Domino phots at the moment. Can photos be posted on this forum? Not seen any.

I am taking her down to the local agents today ( they sold her in 1990) . They can give the whole car a safety check as it needs going up on a lift. I hope any remedial work is not too expensive relative to the low value of the car.

Funny how you can cheaply get any and every part for a Morris Minor or a 1950's Ford but not for a 1990 Domino.

Dutch Roof Bars

Thanks for your link Stew2000 but I forgot to say I am in the British Isles and do not speak Dutch. That URL was all in Dutch I think or maybe Double Dutch !

It is a shame to mutilate my Domino as I feel sure that some type of roof bar would fit but, out of desperation, I am getting my pop rivet gun ready to attach some brackets direct to the roof .