New Sortrak Owner, Advice needed!!


Hi, Just picked up my first Sportrak (1989 EL Model), had a nightmare getting it home (last leg on the back of an AA lorry). I think the crux of my problems lies with the alternator, as the battery is fairly new and in good condition.
My question is this: Are new alternators easy to fix? Also what other quick and easy mods are available to tart it up a bit, and maybe make the ride a bit smoother (or at least less rattly!)?
Any help appreciated.


Alternator ... re-new in about 10 minutes.I think its a standard type. Remove the old alternator,check its rating plate and buy from anywhere but diahatsu. Your local motor shop should be able to supply.

How the hell????

Ok, I admit I'm no master mechanic, but how in the hell do you get to the alternator to remove and replace it??

Is there an easy trick to it that I haven't noticed? Or is it a case of removing a whole host of other parts first (like the radiator).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Scratch one-s head


Assuming you know how to recognise an alternator the removal task is easy.:D
1. Disconnect both cables from the battery.[Hope you can recognise a battery Wink ]
2.Disconnect the cable from the alternator - nut and washer.
3.Disconnect the connector from the alternator - pulls away.
4.Remove the three bolts securing the alternator. Lift the alternator from the car.

The whole process is made easy by removal of the two belts [the lower belt drives the alternator]which obscure the alternator. The alternator can be reached and removed via the bonnet side of the engine.


Yep, I know what the alternator looks like, I have even seen the one that is on my engine! What I was asking was how you are supposed to get to it. I have now been told by someone else that I need to take the radiator out, Thanks Kermie.:)

Why not use a can opener!

Your contact is having a laugh at your lack of knowledge. Just use a socket spanner and open ended spanners. Job can be done from the bonnet side or from below. The alternator can be changed in 10-15 minutes.

Enlighten me

Ok, as it's so simple, care to enlighten me? There seems to be a carb, a power steering system and a whole lot of hoses in the way. I can't even see a gap big enough for the old alternator to be taken out! Scratch one-s head

Questions questions questions !!!!!

1. You certain your running a Sportrak 1989 model?
2. Tell me where your looking to find that alternator?
3. Are you confusing the alternator with the starter motor?
3. Have you looked from bottom side?

Answers, answers, answers!!

1. Yes.
2. As you look at the engine from the bumper, on the left hand side at the front, about 12" down (with an alternator belt attached to the front of it, which in turn is behind the fan belt).
3. No, don't think so. If i'm not mistaken thats near the back of the engine compartment on the left hand side.
4. Had a quick peek, didn't seem much easier TBH.

Another problem for me is that the Sporty isn't at my house at the mo, it's at my in-laws, so I have to go round there when I can to look at it (which I will be doing again later today).

OK here we go again!

You seems to have spotted your alternator ... well done!
1. If you have ramps lift the front of the car. If no ramps jack up and support FIRMLY on axle stands. Be certain its secure and wont fall!
2. Remove the oil pan[the big piece of sheet steel underneath the engine]- 5 bolts get under the car. Also remove the front smaller pan which might give you more access/visibility - 3 bolts.
3. You should now have the alternator in view.
4. From above. Left side you see a vertical adjusting bolt. Fully unscrew and it will release the top belt. Remove the belt. The steering pump's swivel can now be pivoted up/down. That give you clearence to get your hand below the swivel to reach the alternator bolts.
5. Bolts which secure the alternator can also be reached from underside the engine.