DOMINO torque steer


What might be the most likely cause of excessive torque steer on a Feb 1990 Domino when driven with gusto. Foot down and she pulls to the white line, foot off and she pulls to the gutter. Makes for an interesting drive if you keep her on the cam !! Feels like driving a first release Mk1 Austin Mini ( but worse ), or an overpowered lightweight Special. There is nothing obvious hanging off underneath.

DOMINO torque steer

Hi, take the domino to have the tracking checked at local garage, if the tracking is out this could be causing your problem. Also have a look at your bushes and track rod ends.

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Domino torque steer

Thanks Mickey D. I hope it turns out the be as straight forward as you say.

Donino torque steer cure

I took my 1989/90 Domino to the Daihatsu agents with some trepidation.They quoted approximately £63 to cure my torque steer. They did the job yesterday and the car is totally cured. The final bill was just £41 inc vat, to supply and fit a set of anti roll bar bushes. The car now feels so much safer on the road and for not much more than the cost of a tyre.

Our local agent now gets 10/10 as far as I am concerned.

Does anyone else on this website run an old Domino or am I the only one??