Tachometer-Ignition prblem


Hi all. I have a 1990 petrol fourtrak f85. I tried to put an electronic ignition which worked ok. The problem is that with the electronic ignition in use, the reading of the tachometer is wrong e.g when the engine rpm is over 1500 the reading is less than 500.
Any ideas??

the tacho works by counting t

the tacho works by counting the ignition pulses. i suspect the electronic ignition has altered (shortened the length and increased the voltage of) the ignition pulse and this is confusing the tacho. it may depend on where exactly the tacho reads the ignition pulse. can only sugest u ask the makers of the new ignition pack.

Tacho problem

OK. I managed to solve the problem connecting the 12v lead of the electronic ignition before the resistance which is placed on the coil.