problem with F78 not starting


my F78 not starting in the mornings,Normally starts on the turn of a key (after one pre-heat)but latley she wont,

Once shes started shes fine all day on the turn of a key (after pre-heat )was thinking could it could be glow plugs any ideas

Sounds like a burnt-out glow

Sounds like a burnt-out glow plug affecting the pre-heat timer and you're only finding out when the weather is cold.

Do a search on 'glow plug' and 'heater plug' for lots more info.

weve had an intermitant probl

weve had an intermitant problem with our 89 td, once in a while it just churns over on the starter without attemting to start. the heater light comes on and goes out as normal, but the relay doesnt click like it should, flick the ignition on and off a few times till the heater relay is heard to click and then it starts. on the relay there are two thickish wires that go onto stud and nut terminals, one is power and the other presumably goes to the glow plugs, the glow plug one was loose, since tightening it half a turn it has started first time every time.

Definatelt sounds like a glow

Definatelt sounds like a glow plug issue. I recently had the same problem. You should be able to find replace gloe plugs at your parts shop. they are eady to replace. ask at the shop.