few probs with my 1992 sportrak


hi guys, my names rich from south wales i have a 1992 elxi se sportrak have had a few probs with it since i had it back in nov 2005 just got it thru the M.O.T this week but i have noticed a whine on the box louder than it would normally be, i know that they all have whines but not as much as this, but anyway my prob is she will start fine in the wet but after i have driven it for a while and turn it off then try starting her again she doesnt wanna know and coughs and splutts eventually start ay ideas please ??? chers ~rich~

Mixture too rich

Re-start coughing usually associated with fuel mixture. Then look at electricals.
1. Does the air filter need renewing.[very likely]
2. Clean the spark plugs or replace them. [electrode colour should be grey. If white = mixture too weak. Black = mixture too rich]
3. Check the spark plug gaps ... 1mm exactly.

1. Clean inside the distributor cap and take a close look at the inside of the distributor's cap - are the electrodes burned/worn.
2. Clean the rotor arm.
3. Check the distributor's timing.

Whine in the box .... when was the gear oil changed? If diy make certain you KNOW WHICH NUT YOUR UNDOING. Get the wrong nut and your gearbox wont change gear!

all sorted

Well guys its all sorted now runs like new now after sorting out the gear oil and i ended up changing the clutch with a full clutch kit and timing belt as i didint know when it was changed last. u were right mate about the air filter i forgot to check that lol it was bogging
good old little sporty and still quiet after 262,000 miles on her awwwww love her hehe. gotta tell you guys it was a good move ive had a few landrovers in my time i love them but the sporty is so much quicker and much better on climing the tumps than the landys ever have been.
im hooked on sportraks now buti still love the landrovers