Lost key for Sportrak


Hi All. First post. I own a 93 (K) Sportrak which only came with one key when I bought it last year. Somehow I have managed to lose the only key recently. I've tried the Daihatsu dealership who tell me there is no key code coming up on their system for my Sporty and can offer no other advice. Does anyone know what other avenues I can go down to get a replacement set of keys or any other ideas?

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Lost Key For Sportrak

Hiya Mate! You may be lucky and have a number or bar code on your actual steering lock barrel itself. Worth a look! (That's if you can get into the car in the first place!!) Have you got any of the original handbooks etc, there may be something in there. If not, this may prove to be a bit pricey unfortunately as you may end up having to replace your door locks and your ignition barrel. Good luck mate.

Thanks for your reply Pete. M

Thanks for your reply Pete. Managed to get into it in the end courtesy of a friend with the appropriate tools - no damage whatsoever. I located a lockset off Ebay which set me back a mere £23 inc postage so fortunately the incident has passed with limited cost. The moral - make sure I have a spare key or two!

Lost Key For Sportrak

Hiya mate, glad it turned out OK for you in the end. Definately lesson learned there then. Nice one buddy,