sportrak front speakers


hi buddies, does anyone there know where i can get some decent replacement front speakers, the dash mounted type, at the moment i think i would get a better sound quality through a bean can, is there any way of fitting them to the door skin it looks as though there isnt much clearence there to me has anyone tried this and suceeded....thanks in advance Deano

Im after the same advice :-)

Some [email protected] decided to borrow my stereo last night and Im goona put a new system in my Sporty along with a multichanger :-)!!! Ill have to get it sound proofed cause its loader outside the motor than it is in before I replace any speakers!!! If I get any good ideas etc... Ill let u know

"Live Every day as your last because one day it will be!

"Live Every day as your last because one day it will be!

Front Spekaers

I have got the same problem with the speakers in my Fourtrak. They are a little on the tinny side to say the least! I spoke to a friend of mine who works at audio store and he is going to fit some Kenwood speakers into my front door panels. He seems to think that it won't be that hard to do. He is also going to have a look at fitting some in the rear. Does anyone know of a suitable place to fit them in the back??

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front speakers

I wanted to change my Sportraks front speakers too, but unless you take the dash to bits you cant seem to get to them! I just fitted decent rear ones and balance the sound to those more than the front!!

Halfords did replacement speakers - I w3as nearly going to get some from there and they do a fitting service so I'd let them stuggle with it!!


cheers lads think maybe i'll

cheers lads think maybe i'll let halfords play on the front speakers cos i cant fathom out anywhere else to put em other than the factory positioning, and i would appreciate it if you could keep me posted on your bit of a project, maybe you've thought of it but my 10 disc changer is fitted under the drivers seat tucked nicley in.

Original Speaker System

I STILL have the original 4 speakers in my 1994 Sportrak and I think that the sound quality they produce is excellent. I have just had a new Clarion CD unit installed, with more amp. I think it has helped.


Original Speaker System

I have to agree the front speakers in the Sportrak are very good in my opinion. The set in the back of my Sportrak also seem ok but are a bit poor is turned up too much and a track as a reasonable amount of Bass. So might replace them, but because of all the hassle I would say it is definately best to keep the front speakers.

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