Roof mounted light bar


Hi guys

Does anyone know if there is roof mounted light bar made for the fourtrak? I have searched the web but only seem to find universal models. I'm after the sort I have seen on some Defenders where the bar hangs over the front windscreen so 4 rectangular lamps can be mounted.
Maybe it's going to be a custom fabrication job...

cheers for any comments

dont know about the specific

dont know about the specific ones your looking for,
but i personally have used
a single roofbar - paddy hopkirk type,

and attached the lights to this,

heres a pic

Here's a couple of pics of wh

Here's a couple of pics of what i had in mind...found company Greenlane 4x4, make them for landrovers. Might give them a call and see if they will do a one off for a 4trak!

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