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Hiya guys, just a quick hello to all the guys that come onto the site for help or ideas for problem solving! I, along with many others like to try to help as best we can but it would be a much better forum if the guys seeking help would let us know how they got on after receiving the help, even if it doesn't always work! This is the best way for us all to learn more about our cars etc. Many people do reply but it would be more beneficial to us all if we all tried a bit harder. Hope I'm not speaking out of place here, apologies if I am. No offence is meant to anybody!

problem solving returns

hi bigpeteu just like to say thank u for your advice on my sporty problems kermie. found out that the previous owner had put on a new cam belt, but had replaced it 2 teeth out. i belive this was to hide the fact that the big end crank has gone, she runs now but thers that nasty knocking from her that spells disaster ahead.

thank you to you and mace for all your advice.

ive now got 5 sportys and in the process of buying another, if you need any spares let us know thanks alot kermie.....

Nice to get a 'thank you'.

Nice to get a 'thank you'. Many here dont bother and I wonder why we spend so much time posting advice and sending diagrams etc.
The 'noise' your getting ... did you adjust the distributor after correcting the cam belt? The noise could be 'pinking'. Let me know.

I'm sure like myself you don'

I'm sure like myself you don't expect a thank you. However it is most gratafying to get one, and know you've been of help.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.