Yrv turbo front and back splitters


Anybody out there know where to source a back and front diffuser/ splitter ??.Seen a YRV in holland on there owners club !http://groups.msn.com/DaihatsuDriversClubNederland it looks far better kitted up. Tried to contact owner but no reply.Take a look see what you think !!
Cheers Darren
Yellow Yrv turbo 04.

They look like the optional p

They look like the optional parts available for the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)YRV, so they will be difficult to find.

I really like the spoiler and front & back splitter/diffuser but you would have to cut the diffuser to accommodate to twin exhaust.

YRV Turbo Splitters

Hi, I will keep trying, as the lad in holland got them from somewhere,would cut the rear one anyway, as i have got twin 5" jap style stainless system on.Would make my car look loads better,but i would'nt have them black, definately spray them yellow.Keep your eyes out for anything for our yrv's.Any further info, i will let you know.
Cheers Darren
Yellow Yrv turbo 04.


Any luck finding the add on k

Any luck finding the add on kit??
i am driving a YRV too. Very rare car i must say, havent seen many ppl driving one around, but wen i do always seems to b oldies :P. I must say tho, having that add on kit gives the car the extra meaness in look