Light Wiring on my Sportrak


had a new bumper on my sportrak and they put 2 new spotlamps to cover holes they had no covers for. BUT, they didnt bother wiring it up, i was in such a rush to get my car back i wasnt bothered. Basically i would like to set these up to work with full beam and full beam flash but i know very little about the wiring on the sportrak. I have the daihatsu manual in both electronic and paper copy's but there is little information apparant that could help. Any1 got a guide they can offer to help me out???


Try reading this page. www.d

Try reading this page. The main thing to remember is that Daihatsu head lights work on a swithed earth system. When you switch on the side lights, the power goes from the switch to the lights to earth. Prety normal. However once you switch the main lights on, the power for them goes from the light switch to the headlight bulb, through both filiments and back to the high/low beam switch. So when you select high or low beam the appropriat filiment is given an earth, and switches on.
The other problem which LuRcH is refuring to on the linked page only effects newer cars with a dim dip seting. If you don't know what this is turn your side lights on with the ignition swotched on. Do the side lights come on on their own, or do the main lights come on as dimley well? If the main lights come on you've got a dim dip relay to worry about. If you want more addvice, send me an e-mail on this sits e-mail system with your phone number, and I'll give you a call. This would be much easier to explain that way. It's not as bad as I think I've made it sound.

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