Sportrak/Feroza Soft Top clips


I have bought a 93 Feroza SXP II here in Sydney Australia. Great fun little car. Got given two soft tops and frames with it. However, one of the soft tops (original) is knackered and has the press stud fixings while the brand new one is the pull down rail clip type. I think previous owner ordered wrong roof! So I have a complete set of press stud mounting bolts which will not work with my new soft top and I need the other mounting system for the roof. It consists of two side strips, one rear and two corner strips. Unfortunately, they are very expensive from Daihatsu. Any ideas guys or know some-one breaking a soft top version with these fittings. Worst comes to worst I will sell new soft top and buy another to fit my mountings. Thanks for your help.

(my other car is a Toyota Hilux Surf turbo diesel - recommend for 4x4 fun too)