Oil leak


Hi can anybody help my f78 fourtrak is leaking engine oil.Where could it be leaking from Unknw

Oil leak

Can you see oil leaking, or is the dipstick level going down?

If you can see oil leaking, try to trace where its coming from.

When the engine is warm and running, is there any smoke coming from the exhaust and what colour is it.

Blue smoke generally indicates burning oil, white smoke indicates either unburnt fuel or water.

If you do get smoke from the exhaust, it could be the head gasket or head itself, worn piston rings etc.

Oil leak

I have a oil patch on my driveway and the level on the dipstick is going down.

Oil leak

Right you need to degrease the engine to remove old gunk and oil.
A hot shampoo and jetwash will do it, just cover exposed electrics with plastic bags as much a possible first.

You can now run the truck for a bit and search all round the engine
and crawl underneath to look for oil leaks. Rocker cover and sump are
common leaky areas. It may just be a gasket that's had it. Good luck.