Can anyone help?
It appears that the mainbeam on my F75 fourtral TDX operates at a reduced level of light intensity at all times.
Symptoms are:
-light switch at first stage sidelights illuminated plus headlight dipped beam at reduced level.
-light switch at second stage, same as first stage.
-main beam operates OK however light switch set.

I note from my handbook that the fourtak can have a dim-dip system where the headlight works at 10% luminous intensity at the first stage (ie sidelight) operation of the light switch. Is it possible that my headlights for dome reason only operate like this. Has anyone come across this before? Is there a relay which may be faulty, could it be the main light stalk? Does anyone know where I can purchase a wiring diagram?

Help in solving this would be appreciated as I am not familiar with this system.


dip beam

Hi Phil,

I think the problem may stem from your dip/main stalk. If you take the trim covers from around the column you should be able to see the contacts on the under side of the switch ( you may need to remove a clear plastic cover from the switch). These can become dirty and stay open circuit when you operate the switch. If you fold over a narrow strip of fine emery paper you should be able to push it between the closed contacts and rub the dirt from them, a spray of WD-40 or simliar will help.

Hope this sorts it for you,


dip beam

Thanks Daz,
Did exactly what you suggested, used WD40 and glass fibre brush. Now works as it should. One point, never use a glassfibre brush, which I would normally use on printed circuits, because after cleaning the lights were totally inoperative as a fibre from the brush must have become detached and formed an insulator between the contacts. Had to then wash it out with WD40, then it worked again.
Many thanks, the help you have given is much appreciated, especially to us new 4trak owners.

Cheers, Phil.
ps. I will check brake pedal tonight as suggested for my other problem.

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i had a similar problem a while back with my 90 sporty and following the advice of readers i bought a can of electrical contact cleaner and gave the stalk mech a goog dowsing and worked the switch a good few times, allowed the excess to dry off and hey presto no more probs.