FoutrakTDX rear light clusters


My fourtrak 92 TDX has the dummy light clusters to the rear body with all of the rear lighting housed in the bumper. I wish to modify the lighting to have the rear lights working in the body clusters in addition to the bumper for increased visibility.

I have purchased second hand clusters from the local 4x4 breaker complete with sockets and wiring loom including cabvling 12 inches beyond the plug in the loom.

I noticed that the n/s rear body lights have 35 amp relays wired into the loom. Without a wiring diagram I am not certain of the use for these relays. Are they related to the wiring of the trailer plug, and can they be discarded so that I can just wire these lights in parallel with the existing bumper lights?

Help would be appreciated.

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Don't know anything about rel

Don't know anything about relays. When I had the same thing done to mine there was a wiring kit from Daihatsu, which basicly did just put them in paralel with the bumper lights. The relay may well be a buzzer which should opperate when you use the indicaters with an extra set of lights in the circuet, such as when using a trailer. Having both sets of indicators working on the back of the car will also make this buzzer work, if that is what it is.
Normally when Daihatsu do this add on they replace the reversing light in the bumper with a second fog light.

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