Sportrak engine rebuild


Bought a 92 Sportrak from Ebay and fell for the "just serviced" flannel that was on the advert.
The oil filter was good and rusty and the marmite that came out of the sump plug was well past its best but the car was cheap enough that I dont mind driving it till it stops if need be. Its already proved to be a lot of fun in the mud.

However I'm not averse to getting my hands dirty so I've ordered the owners manual on CD from here a few days ago (no sign of it yet though... poke poke)

I could try finding a decent engine in a breakers but given there are three Sportraks on Ebay at the moment all devoid of engine I'm guessing there are very few engines that can be trusted in the breakers.

Another option would be a recon exchange unit and I'm looking for recommendations from anybody thats found a good supplier of Daihatsu engines.

Plan C is to get a breakers yard engine and rebuild it myself and to be honest this is the route I would prefer to go down. Has anybody done this and where did you source the parts Unknw

I have a local engineering shop that I've used for bores and crank grinds in the past that I would happily use again subject to getting rebuild components at a decent price.