I Got An Awkward Tube!!


HI guys.
Ive just replaced my radiator with one that works but the tube that attaches to the bottom of the rad isnt playing the game!!

It has kinda folded/kinked/squashed in some places and i cant seem to make it flush how it was before. would the narrowing actually cause any problems if i was to leave it?

It is the same rad as the one i took out so there aint no size problem.

Maybe this tube has to be put in a certain way??

Any help would be great.

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If the hose is soft then replace it now or risk a breakdown. Much easier and cheaper to replace now whilst the radiator is empty and hose accessible. If the hose end is 'soft or shrunk' the internal fabric is rotton and you will soon get a coolant loss. Get a replacement from your local motor shop. You will probably find they can match it against an alternative car [cheaper].

Thanx for that Mace, but the

Thanx for that Mace, but the tube is in great condition. im not using the vehicle just yet so theres no danger there.
It all fits fine except for the fact it seem a bit longer!!
although i know it hasnt grown!

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