YRV 195x50x15 Tyre Pics


YRV Turbo Wheels.
Have put some pics in the Image Galleries under Mods if you are wondering what this tyre size looks like on the slim 5j rim.

Thanks Dave... It's so info

Thanks Dave... It's so informative. But I think that it's not a good idea. If you research tire catalogs you will see that min. 5.5" width rims necessary for 195's...

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Wide Wheels

Just tried to fit 195/50/15 Toyo's on 6.5J wheels but rear tyres are rubbing badly on suspension arm.
Anyone else have this problem and are spacers the answer please?
Will I need longer bolts?
According to shop they are supposed to fit.

Big Wheels

Now find I will need 10mm spacers and longer studs for these wheels.
A nightmare.

I gather they fit ok then - t

I gather they fit ok then - there was some doubt about 195's on 5j rims. Does it feel any better on corners?

Wider Tyres.

Hi Mate,
the car handles ok to me.
They were on the car when i got it so have no idea what 175's are like.
Previous owner club member Pocketrocketer(i think)- Dave Wright said they tamed the understeer? He had taken this car round the race track. Allan B mentions it on the GTti owners site , but i am not sure if it had the 195's on it then?? I'm not worried, i dont throw it around corners at excessive high speeds.
Suppose only time will tell.
How do they look to you??

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They don't look much differen

They don't look much different to 175's - so they certainly look ok. I'm not sure why Daihatsu only fitted 175's when the yrv 4track had 185/55x15's.

yrv on 195/15's

sorry been away for a while, moving house and so on,yes i put yoko's on and they made so much difference no rubbing, fouling or scrubbing on bodywork, as Daihatsudave noted i went out on the track but didnt have these on at the time, understeer city! but i was on the track with evo's, imprezas and other and just wanted to see how it reacted at speed/cornering(but i did overtake a couple). i have sold the car now but still have some photos i will post when i finish moving Regards Pocketrocketer

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