isuzu powered sportrak


just starting a 2.8 turbo diesel conversion on my sportrak ,any pointers i should know about before i go past the point off no return.

hows that gona work?i had a s

hows that gona work?i had a sporty and i couldnt get a diesel to fit it.they looked similar.the engine mounts were in the same place,but the space allowed for the engine was too small to accomodate a diesel.even the boonnet was different on closer in spection.
what about the exhaust?they are different on petrol and diesels

got the isuzu engine and gear

got the isuzu engine and gearbox out today and all looks like plain sailing,only problem is power steering pump on wrong side of engine and the clutch is hyd ,engine is not much biger than the 1.6 with all its bits on and overal its only 120 mm longer,it will still fit between rad and bulk head and clear the stearing shaft etc... but only time will tell.


My only concern would be low

My only concern would be low gearing. When I had a Sporti I wondered about Dieseling it. I was put of the idea becouse at 4500rpm (about red line for most Diesels) in 5th gear, the car was only doing 65mph. This would not be condusive to good fuel consumption.
It may help that you are changing the box as well. But mostly the low gearing was down to the diff ratios. And no, befor you ask, fourtrak diffs do not fit into a Sporti.
However I am a great beliver in a cutting disk and a welder being able to make anything fit. Good luck.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

at the moment its on 31s and

at the moment its on 31s and at 30 mph with gps it saying 24 on my speedo,but my sportrak is nearly always used off road where the low gearing is a good thing .going down step banks is to scary with not much engine brakeing,but i belive in cut and weld and suck it and see ,dont want to change the sportrak because ive not seen anything as good ,ibex and well moded g wagans are better but i think its down to power and 10k seems alot to play in mud,also the engine and box comeing out are mint if any one interested


make sure u tell me when its

make sure u tell me when its in,will ya?
i was going to convert my sporty to diesel,but i thought there would be to much hassle.

well its in ,no major problem

well its in ,no major problems yet ,just got clutch pas and props to sort out,but engine a bit to heavy for the torsion bars so going to fit coil springs on from a 90 land rover