No 4 WD High


I have just puchased a fourtrak Rocky 1990 on an H reg. (2.0 litre Petrol. Everything works except the 4 wheel high. When the button is pushed the light on the dash does not come on but you do hear a click from the relay under the dash. Any ideas?

No 4 WD

I have tracked the problem down to the 2 solenoids on the gearbox. Also the small pipe in the gearbox which apllies a vacuum behind the diaphragm to pull the shaft back into 2 wheel drve had come adrift from the gearbox. I can now get the thing into 4WD by moving the pipes manually. I will have to check the cost of the solenoids.

If the bulb is okay... Check

If the bulb is okay... Check to see if there is drive to the front wheels in 4H and 4L.

I had this problem in my Rocky... I needed to have the vacuum switch in the transfer case replaced, as this is what engages/disengages 4WD mode. It cost me AUD$1000. I was not happy.. as i bought the car like this.