Avanzato Adjustable Steering


Hello there, on the Zato there's kind of a lever on the left underside of the steering wheel.

I assume this is for height adjustment of the steering wheel, only problem is I can't get it to move, what do you need to do? Does engine need to be running before it does anything? I just can't move it in any direction. I can't find any reference to it in the manuals so I've no idea if you're meant to do something else as well, the lever just seems locked into place.

Anyone have the answer?

sreering adjustment

on mine if you push the handle down the steering drops, and you lift the steering wheel up and push the handle up to lock it in the higher position.
p.s fixed the wheel bearing myself with help from a friend quite easy really,getting the bearing was the worst bit eventually got it from
daihatsu at morley.
but developed another prob, car splutters under throttle some times when cold?

Thanks a lot, I'll go and try

Thanks a lot, I'll go and try that in a bit! Glad to see yours is back on the road again. My Avanzato isn't far off now, just needs a few bits but as you know it takes a while going through dealer!!

The spluttering, not sure if it could be related to this but ever since a week or so ago both mine has started acting oddly. Mine usually settles at 800 but last Sunday it was going as low as 500 and nearly stalling, now it's up to about 700 but it still feels a bit unstable, keeps trying to find where to idle at.

My only guess is I think it could be the ECU being a bit confused by the climate with it suddenly getting a bit warmer over past week (sometimes). I'm going to give it a bit longer and see how it goes since it seems to have improved over the week. It's just about due for servicing soon so if it doesn't solve itself I'll get it looked at.

Cheers, it worked! The lever

Cheers, it worked! The lever for the steering adjust was just really stiff, tried it before and it felt like it was going to snap. Is better now, have put it all the way up to the top! Ta!