Loss of gears, Fourtrak


Having just had my Gearbox rebuilt with two new selectors i never expected any more problems with my Fourtrak, but on the way to work yesterday the gearbox decided to stay in 5th even though i can also select neutral and reverse positions on the stick.... Cannot move into 1,2,3or4....

So it is off the road again and back in the garage....

Anybody experienced similar problems ????

Cheers..... Rob

Busted select mechanism ? That's a new one !

By the sound of it, the gear lever is not actuating the selector rods in aluminium casting at the top of the box. The mechanical connection between these and the gear lever may have been broken, allowing the lever to act as if it is doing something, but actually is operating nothing more than fresh air.

IMHO, this is most likely due to someone not putting the box back together properly when it was rebuilt !!!!

Beware the garage spinning some b***s**t and trying to charge you for something that they bogged up in the first place.

I was thinking along these li

I was thinking along these lines myself as it seems more than just coincidence that i lose selection of gears just after a rebuild of this nature.... If i had put it back together i would blame myself, this gives me reason to doubt that it has been correctly re-assembled....

I will find out soon enough i suppose.....

cheers... Rob.

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